Geez…How can I explain this…

We all make mistakes, so don’t blame me. I just simply forgot. I tend to be forgetful. So let’s just start fresh, I PROMISE TO UPDATE THIS BLOG AS OFTEN AS I CAN. There I said it.


Link for Florida State Parks

Link for Florida State Parks

Are you looking for a place to visit with family and friends, but don’t want to spend money on gas? Well then click the link to see all the cool places in Florida and have fun!

Father’s Day is just around the corner!

This is the day where we tell our fathers what they really mean and of course buy him that new tie that he promises he will wear to work the next day. Yes the day where we celebrate and honor our fathers is awesome!


Road Trip!


On June 19, I will be traveling to Canada to visit my mom’s side of the family and catch up on what i have missed in the past years since my last visit, of course I will be recording everything and telling it to you, right now I need to find suitable clothing for Canadian weather, you will never know when it might change!


Right now you are being monitered

Yes, YOU are being watched over when you go on the internet 24/7, how is this possible? thank the NSA(National Security Agency), some people just shrug at the thought of it, thinking that they are now safer from terrorists but some people think it is a breach of privacy, What do you think?laptop security

” Better to rem…

” Better to remain silent and be thought be a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt ”

– Abraham Lincoln

What to do when you’re downright Drunk

beerNow picture this, you’re coming home from an awesome party and you’ve just had one too many glasses of beer or wine or any other type of alcoholic drink. You’re staggering and your words are indecipherable, how do you cure this? simple.

1. drink ALOT of water, it can dilute the alcohol and help the liver from being destroyed.

2. When you get home lie down and rest for a moment, the alcohol will be out of your system after a good, long nap.

3. This is my method, get a friend to slap you as hard as he or she can, it may hurt but it will help you come back to your senses. Of course I never drink, I like to keep liver healthy.

Anyway, this were to have never happened if you just refused the beer, it can save you a liver.

Oklahoma Tornado


 At 4:58 P.M Monday, a devastating tornado leveled Oklahoma City. 500,000 square miles of suburban homes and schools were right in the path of this powerful storm

” Love all…

” Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none”

– William Shakespeare

Baldwin park

So your looking place to jog or bike but you have no clue where to go. Well, there is one place I would like to point out: Baldwin park. Once being a railroad track and stretching 15 miles(30 miles there and back again) this place is ideal for people who are training for a marathon or who want to enjoy nature.