beerNow picture this, you’re coming home from an awesome party and you’ve just had one too many glasses of beer or wine or any other type of alcoholic drink. You’re staggering and your words are indecipherable, how do you cure this? simple.

1. drink ALOT of water, it can dilute the alcohol and help the liver from being destroyed.

2. When you get home lie down and rest for a moment, the alcohol will be out of your system after a good, long nap.

3. This is my method, get a friend to slap you as hard as he or she can, it may hurt but it will help you come back to your senses. Of course I never drink, I like to keep liver healthy.

Anyway, this were to have never happened if you just refused the beer, it can save you a liver.


About tobyisawesome

I am a new blogger and I am very excited about this new experience!

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  2. Babi says:

    i will definitely try out this suggestion. It seems so logical 😀 hihi
    hon hon toby.

  3. Babi says:

    Tobiawesome is the bestesssstt Muahhh!!!

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